Peace at the Center


With roots deeply mired in the mud, the lovely Lotus Flower rises above all circumstances and breaks free of the water’s surface to open it’s magnificent petals, one-by-one as the Sun’s rays awaken.


All your hardships, life experiences, learning, skills and wisdom have prepared you for this dawning day.  Tap –root into it, fully engage the process, and emerge to show and share all that you are, and all the you offer.


Another fascinating fact about the luscious lotus flower: By the time it opens its glorious bloom, the seeds inside are already fully formed!


The Lesson From the Lotus:

Allow your Blaze of Brilliance to rise above the circumstances and fully emerge.

Open to, and engage the possibilities begging to be born today.

Bring to bear, at this moment in your life, ALL your talents, honed skills and garnered wisdom and channel them fruitfully forth in a way that is uniquely you.


My work in a Blaze of Brilliance can assist you to do just that.

So if you are

Deeply mired in difficult challenges and change,

Truly ready to rise up and emerge renewed, and are

Willing to commit time and resources to accomplish just that.


Then I invite you to receive a $75, 30-minute

“Inspiration Ignition” Discovery Session absolutely FREE!