Ignite Now

phoenix rising
The Phoenixthe Firebird – rises powerfully out of the ashes of what was, with strength, confidence, courage & might. Whatever ashes are heaped over your hopes, dreams and vision, fire-up NOW!
Be bold and committed to do whatever it takes to revive, reimagine and ignite…
Throughout history, the wisdom traditions have equated crisis and change with new opportunity emerging. Sometimes things have to fall apart before they can be reborn anew,
Even amidst this intrinsic knowledge, at times we become mired in the moment.  The pressures and responsibilities of life bear down like a mighty weight. Circumstances and crisis derail us from our intended destination. The gravity of it all can throw us off into an irregular orbit.
From this space and place there is often lack of clarity, self-doubt and confusion. Trapped within this vortex spiral spin, our options often seem limited, sometimes even nil.
The Mission of A Blaze of Brilliance is to help people transform the challenges of change into an opportunity for finding new wings, igniting potential and clarity, and blazing forward with confidence and renewed vision.
If this sounds like what you need right NOW, I invite you to join me for an absolutely FREE, 30-Minute Inspiration Ignition” Discovery Session. I only offer 10 of these FREE Sessions this month, so, don’t miss out on this chance!
We will explore where you are, where you want to be, and I will offer you  phenomenal strategies
to fire – you -up and on your way. It will also gift us both the opportunity to determine if we are a great fit to continue working together.
Just fill out the form, click the button and another door opens…

I’ll see you on the other side!

Sandora Anna