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“Sandora Anna is, in my experience and estimation, one of the finest Executive/Corporate coaches available for both individual and team development. Over the course of my professional life – I have worked with and participated in countless personal, organizational and leadership development courses and trainings. I can say with great confidence that Sandora Anna instills in her clients real integrity, respect and true partnership in vision and goal attainment. Bottom line – she gets results.
I sought professional coaching when I reached a major transition point in my career. I desired expansion, both form a personal and professional perspective. However, I could not create that picture in my head and generate a clear path to the end state. I wanted a combination of the very best fit and use of my talents, expertise and interests, coupled with and optimal environment. I felt completely overwhelmed and got myself  truly stuck in “analysis paralysis”.
With Sandora’s expert guidance and amazing tools – we were quickly able to uncover some major barriers to clarity. With a combination of intuitive and logical processes – she helped me discover a unique and compelling way to view my data of experiences and desires.  This allowed me to generate a vision that resonated with my goals with a clear, achievable and measurable path.
Sandora Anna is my top pick for any individual or organization  who wants well defined, effective and results oriented professional coaching for fast-tracking their next successful iteration or evolution”
RM Golden, PMP
Project Management, Consultant, Contractor


“When I reached out to Sandora, I was struggling with major changes in my organization and in my life, and I was looking for professional coaching. I also had a very hectic professional and personal schedule and I was looking for a consultant that would be able to be flexible with regular hours.
I chose Sandora knowing that I would find support for my unique situation and quest for personalized solution. First of all, I was impressed by Sandora’s ability to listen and guidance to define simple and effective solutions, with the option to work with me over the phone.
As a result of working with Sandora, I was able to transform my fear and anxiety into more positive avenues and generate real life-work plans of action to tackle my professional and personal challenges.  I became a better leader at work, a positive mentor to my team, and a better role model for my children. These improvements had the side effect to considerably reduce my stress level and increase my enjoyment and appetite for life.
I would recommend Sandora to anyone who is looking for a personalized coaching support to renew their vision, revise some mental patterns, and refresh their motivation to address personal or professional issues.  Sandora, besides being a wonderful and amazing woman, brings a large portfolio of skills and experience to her coaching sessions that make them very productive.
I can only be grateful for the time I spend with Sandora and for the tremendous growth that I take away from these individualized sessions.”
Christine Fricaud
Global Account Director
Hewlett Packard -Global Business Service


“Sandora is the Fairy Godmother of Clarity!
This Group Power Coaching workshop was a well facilitated session with heart.
I have working in the international travel-seminar business for 11 years producing people like Carolyn Myss, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay and others, and Sandora’s presentation, as well as her material was World Class.
Personally, I reconnected to my deeper knowledge and Truth, leaving the workshop feeling more centered, empowered, and inspired.
Thank You, Sandora!”
Shawn Shelton, OM


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