Sunset over the field
“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen
Change is always happening in and around us all time.
Sometimes it is a slow evolving and easy flow of transition and growth, and then other times it pulls the very fabric of our whole world out from under us. Whether it is a career change, life change, deep loss or relationship change, it can hit us so hard that it turns us upside down, inside out, and we can become stuck in an utter tailspin…left feeling powerless, lost and alone.
In this state of turmoil, confusion and fear it is nearly impossible to establish solid footing, gain clear vision, perspective or see any possibilities to navigate the future, much less the next day.
A Blaze of Brilliance helps people struggling with career and life challenges and change, and don’t know what to do. Through an empowering program you transform the swirl of confusion and fear into clarity to rekindle a vision that ignites purpose, income and positive impact in the world.
This is All about your Brilliance.
Your Brilliant unlimited creative capacity to:
Access your Deepest and Highest & Wisdom
Ignite Inspiration, Passion & Purpose &
Illuminate your Life, Work, & the World

As Einstein so poignantly observed, “The problems that we have created cannot be solved at the level of thinking that created them…. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking…”
Sandora Anna’s “Inspiration Ignition” Program provides the strategies, support and safe container to explore opportunities and possibilities at a whole different perspective, and level of thinking. This catalyzes all your potential and wisdom to transform these challenges into an opening – the crack to let the light in – to re-imagine, re-envision, and re-purpose life for a fulfilling future in alignment with what is true, right and possible for you.
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