• Your Blaze of Brilliance

    This is All about your Brilliance.

    Your Brilliant unlimited creative capacity to:

    Access your Deepest & Highest  Wisdom

    Ignite Inspiration, Passion & Purpose

    Illuminate your Life, Work, & the World.


    We are living in a time …


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  • Seeds of Opportunity

    At the very core of our nature, we are all creative beings. We create with every breath, thought, action and reaction.
    The question is not if we are creative, but rather are we choosing to create consciously?


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  • Your Phoenix Rising

    The Phoenix – the Firebird – rises powerfully out of the ashes of what was, with strength, confidence, courage & might.
    Whatever ashes are heaped over your hopes, dreams and vision, we need you to fire-up NOW!

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  • Golden Stairway

    Just as Glinda, the Good Witch, said to Dorothy in OZ, ” You’ve always had the power m’Dear…”
    - You already have ALL you need inside of you to be, go, create and impact your life…

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  • Heart Path

    Ignite a thousand candles in your soul and then light the path forward for yourself and others.

    When we are following our hearts, living in alignment with our values and truth, we can feel the ease.


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  • Peace at the Center


    With roots deeply mired in the mud, the lovely Lotus Flower rises above all circumstances and breaks free of the water’s surface to open it’s magnificent petals, one-by-one as the Sun’s rays awaken.


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  • Happy Clients

    “I sought out Sandora because I was feeling very stuck in my life. I was, and continue to be, amazed at the breadth and depth of what was uncovered and discovered in the process. It was quite powerful!
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